The Best Websites for Web Hosting
The best according to us is Bluehost. World-renowned for its service and quality, it is safe to say that Bluehost would be taking the top spot when the discussion of web hosting arises. The best tool for any beginner looking to have their own website, it is a welcome service that most appreciate. It allows your management to be flexible. That is if you are starting with a basic package but wish to add particular services that you require such as WordPress their flexibility is very welcome and useful.

Daily backups
SSL included
One-click install
Python supported
Imagine you are at a store and bargaining for a product, your question is ‘What is the cheapest you can go?’ and apply that question to web hosting sites. The answer is Hostinger. The absolute cheapest Hostinger package is at less than 1$. While such prices are promotional, if you lock onto these for a longer period of time, the package is still a very good deal. Not to mention that even without the promotion they have some very good packages.

Lowest prices
Best Performances
Unlimited SSD storage
Free domain name
A website that caters better to smaller businesses. If top services at a lower price was ever a competition, Hostgator wins it every time. Unfortunately, they do remain a bit of a mixed review. There are some differences that may affect certain users. Such as the lack of email support. They do offer chat and phone services though. But if you do have a question or doubt, be ready to get onto the phone immediately.

So if you are looking for a cheap plan that includes support as well, this is the hosting service for you.
Easy to use 
Easy migration
Best for WordPress
Inmotion gives you as much as 90 day trial period, which in our experience is longer than any of the other competitors out there. One of the simplest of hosting providers that are there in the market right now. None of the services that they provide is hidden and is easy to access. From their plans to the usage, everything has been made simpler for you to use. Always open communication channels and straightforward packages as well. Apart from the simplicity Inmotion is known for having the best VPS hosting services that are there with multiple options in the category as well.

90-day trial
Easy to use platform
No hidden costs
Best VPS services
So if you are a person that loves simplicity and dislikes anything complex, you should probably give this a try.
WordPress recommended
Own Management Panel
Responsive Usability
Affordable Services
Iptables Firewall
Free Cloudflare CDN
Stellar Client support
Fully Managed Cloud Hosting
Using only renewable sources
Customized plans
Go Green
Python supported
Dreamhost has its own designed management panel. Users love the usability and ease with which it can be used but the major disadvantage is that it is difficult to migrate from Dreamhost because they use their own system.
While the customer service is not as top-notch as other providers, Dreamhost is one of the more affordable services out there today.
Probably not the most well known of all the other competitors and a relative newcomer in this sector. But it deserves a shout for its use of renewable resources. A company that prides itself saying that it makes use of only and only renewable resources. They offer several ‘green’ plans that you can select based on your needs.

Looking for Green alternatives to everything you do? You have your answer here as well.
When you are opting for a service, what are the basis on which you make your decision? Most often it is the reviews of other users and people who use the product or service. Well, the people have spoken and they have a favorite. Siteground has proven to be a favorite among people multiple times and give it high ratings every time. Alongside Bluehost and Dreamhost, Siteground is another web hosting service recommended by WordPress which on its own says a lot about the quality of the service being provided. But while all the positives about the service are there, it is one of the more expensive services that are being provided. Its initial plan already more expensive than its competitors, after you are a regular customer your cost increases even more with their expensive packages.
So if you are a person that is looking for quality service irrelevant to cost, this service would be the best provider for you.

So many providers that it becomes difficult to choose one from among them. It was a very difficult decision for us to leave out so many other quality providers. The notable ones include GoDaddy,, Hostwinds, and Liquid Webs. After careful consideration, use, and reviewing these are the ones we have chosen that would benefit you the most. 
How to pick US-oriented Webhosting? 
As you may be aware, web-hosting is available in a very wide variety of plans, and features. If you want to just consider doing blogging and writing stuff, you may very well choose cheap or free web hosting services. But on the other hand, if you want to start a business, you will have to consider options like cloud, VPS, or managed hosting services.
Here are some key features which might help you to choose better!
WordPress Hosting
The easiest way to build a website with web hosting is by using WordPress. You don’t have to read any review to choose WordPress. These features are enough to attract you: automatic installation of WordPress, automatic updates, 24/7 tech support, and unique WP themes. Also, it boasts of a user-friendly control panel, security features, and a great performance from the provider of your choice. 
Email Hosting
When you are searching for the best deal when looking for cheap or free email hosting, look for some key features like free domain name, unlimited emails, premium encryption, and very responsive tech support. In Email hosting tech support is highly important as they will help your way out if you get yourself too lost. Hence, a free email hosting with a custom domain is clearly the winner in this case!

PHP Hosting
All the PHP packages come with free PHP tech support. They have the best-unlimited resources for hosting and a wide and exclusive range of PHP scripts. All WordPress websites must have a PHP 7 compatibility.

DNS Hosting
The highlight of DNS hosting is the Domain Management feature. All the big hotshots Webhosting websites provide free DNS hosting. DNS is the most popular Cloudflare CDN and is also very reliable. DNS is the best way to optimize your website.

MySQL Hosting
Most of the web hosting packages use MySQL. Hence it isn’t difficult to find free MySQL hosting. The key features which you should focus on are SSD hard disks, unlimited database, and free cPanel hosting. This will make your life much easy and you can manage and create databases effortlessly.
Is Cheap Hosting Good?
If you have selected a free or cheap web hosting for your website, it’s ok. You may find yourself cornered with too many web hosting providers with cheap and attractive plans. But only a minority of them are actually very good.
If you look at pricing and support, the outstanding winner is Hostinger. It is extremely cheap and provides world-class tech support whenever you need it, 24/7! This Web hosting is worth getting if you are tight on the budget and looking to spend even less a sandwich!